Thursday, August 30, 2012

Will the tooth fairy still come?

Little Miss R is very distressed. She lost a tooth at school today and she has no idea where it is. She really thinks that the tooth fairy won't come to visit her because she doesn't have a tooth to actually give the fairy.
We decided that a letter to the tooth fairy would be a good idea so she dictated one to Mummy.
How could the tooth fairy not come after this?
As for Master M.  He's buttering me up with flowers which he keeps bringing in from the garden.

It's so lovely and beautiful but then a get a little worried at what my mini tornado has done to make him want to bring flowers into me.  He's learning very early that flowers seem to be a nice way to say 'sorry'.
xx Susan

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Getting back to it

I really have been struggling with many things the last month.   So many things have suffered during that time, blogging being just one of them, but I'm happy to say that I feel like I'm starting to pull things together again and my life is starting to look a bit more normal again.

For those of you who don't know me personally you won't know my full story of the past few years.  You see, after Master M was born I suffered from Post Natal Depression (PND) which is an extremely frightning condition for many different reasons. 

I always thought of myself as a fairly strong person who could cope with pretty well anything but finding myself with a new baby, a very vibrant and energetic two year old and a mostly absent husband, I slid into the realms of depression.  (There were other circumstances that didn't help either but I won't go into them).

I felt a complete failure as a wife and mother, not to mention the shock of finding myself with this condition because I then felt that I had failed myself.


I won't go into the full story of that year after my boy was born but there was a lot of crying and questioning myself but with help and support, things do get better.

Occasionally I find myself slipping and that's when I need to take some time out.  As the kidlettes grow older it's the fighting and whinging that can get me down.  Sometimes I deal with it well, other times I don't.  I deal with it much better when hubby's home of course but that's probably true of most people.  Having someone there to help for even just the smallest things is such a blessing.

So what have I been doing to get myself back on track this month?

When hubby's home I've been taking time for myself to head down to the beach and spend some time sitting by the water with my book and just enjoying the soothing sounds of the water.

After school some days I let the kidlettes play in the playground next to the school oval.  There's a small playground to play on, the school oval on the other side of the fence to race on and best of all, a drain to explore.

I sit in the shade under a tree and either read a book or just enjoy watching the kids play and explore.  Just half an hour of play in the park and everyone seems to cope a bit better with the evenings.

In the last couple of days I've picked up a crochet hook for the first time in weeks.  I've missed it and didn't realise how much it soothes me.

I may now finish the cardy I've been working on but I doubt I'll wear it this year as the days are starting to warm up.

I've even been doing some sewing in the last few days too.  In fact the skirt I'm wearing in the above picture I whipped up in a couple of hours yesterday afternoon.  I love it!


Of course there's plenty of things around the house which need doing.  There's always washing to be done and I even have an empty washing basket.  We won't mention the full one just out of the picture or the other full one on my bed that needs folding and putting away.

I've still got boxes of camping stuff in the laundry ready to be packed back into the camper trailer after our last weekend away.  I'm putting off doing that a bit though because  we're going away for a longer trip in about 5 weeks and I want to start getting things organised for that.  I've decided to get all the bedding packed as well as sort through my kitchen utensils and picnic stuff that usually stay in the camper.

I took some of them out on our last trip to Aunty Rob's as we didn't need the cooking stuff at her place but we'll definately need them when we go away soon.  Lots to do but at least I've got time to sort through it all and write a list or two.

We're slowly building up our camping gear so most of it will stay in the camper trailer all the time so if we decide at the last minute to go away for a weekend, all we have to do is pack some clothes and food then hook the camper up to the ute and go.

I'm really looking forward to getting away though.  I think a bigger trip like this is just what my family needs, not to mention me.  Happy mummy, happy family.  It's so true!

xx Susan

Monday, August 13, 2012

You're camping WHERE? You'll freeze!

We decided to head up to the Downs to visit hubby's Aunty Rob's again this last weekend.   Whenever we mentioned to everyone where we were going the reaction was always the same....YOU'LL FREEZE!

We didn't quite freeze but it was really cold, considering it's been one of the coldest weekends of the year so far and we were in one of the coldest areas in Queensland. 

It was fun though.

The kidlettes got to feed the chooks.


Collect the eggs (Master M only broke one of them which was amazing).


After weeks of gorgeous blue skies, we thought that our arriving with the camper trailer was going to bring rain as it usually seems to.

It threatened but for once it didn't rain on us which was a blessing.


Looking for more eggs.....

The kidlettes loved being able to feed and hold the baby chickens.


As the sun set the chill really set in.


That meant it was time to head inside the house for dinner and warming up before making a dash to the camper trailer and our warm bedding.

We survived the night!

It was another beautiful morning which meant feeding the chooks again.

Of course playing on the hay bales in the shed provided plenty of fun.


I was able to sneak off for a bit of a wander around the place.


Then it was time to pack up and head home, just as the westerly winds picked up again.

Three hours later we were home and I'm amazed at how much washing can amass from just one night away!   Extraordinary!

We're now all looking forward to a longer holiday in the September/October school holidays where we head back up to St Lawrence and a yet to be decided on venue.  Possibly 1770?

Hope you all had a great weekend.

xx Susan

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I'm finding it a little difficult to believe that we're nearly halfway through another week.

I uploaded the following photos on the weekend and haven't had much of a chance to get back to writing anything until now.

Saturday was the school Funfest and luckily the weather was gorgeous for it.

Lovely hubby was back at work so the kidlettes and I headed down there for what I intended to be only a couple of hours.  Over 4 hours later, two very tired kids and one tired Mummy, we eventually got home.

There were rides that they wanted to have a go on.  The chair swing was the first one and I thought it maybe the last for a bit as Little Miss R was looking quite sick on it.

She gets car sick easily so I wasn't surprised she didn't handle it well but all was good in the end.


My two loved the slide and there were big grins as they came flying down this one.


The jumping castle was also a must for them both and the Teacup ride was survived with no accidents although my girl felt quite sick on this too.


After that it was declared that there were no more rides for awhile so we headed off to check out the class stalls.  We bought some goodies from the cake stall, got faces painted, enjoyed the surprise of a lucky dip present and then decided that we really needed some lunch.

We headed up to the shady area at the end of the oval for a 'picnic' away from all the people to enjoy a bit of quiet time.  After a nice relax and a bit of a play on the oval which both kids were really happy to do, we went back for some more runs down the slide. 

The mechanical bull was tempting but in the end was passed up for more slide time.

A happy but tiring day was had by all.

xx Susan

Saturday, August 4, 2012

An awesome find

Instead of our ususal knit and natter morning on Wednesday, my sister and I decided to have a girl's morning out instead. 

It consisted of visits to craft shops and coffee of course but the best bit was the discovery of a fantastic fabric shop.

My sister knew about it and had been there before so she decided to take me there.  I was a bit overwhelmed and really didn't know where to look first.

The place was stuffed FULL of gorgeous fabric, trimmings, buttons and anything else you can think of that you would need when sewing.


It's tucked into a corner in part of an industrial estate and isn't well signed but there was always people popping in and out the whole time we were there.


If you're a quilter then there's fat quarter's galore.


Then once you start to get your bearings and your fluttering heart slows enough so you can get down to the serious business of working out what you want to buy, you find out that there's a whole other room!


This room is chock full of some really gorgeous quilting fabric. 

Yes, I did end up deciding on something to buy so came home with some nice fabric and ric rac.

Oh yes, for those who live near here and want to visit, it's called Brian's Fabrics and Accessories and is in the Warana Industrial estate.
Just click on the link and it will take you to their website and has the address.

I hope you're all having a fantastic week.  I'm spending most of my nights on lounge watching the Olympics which is why blogging has been a bit slow lately.  (In fact it's the wee hours of the morning now and I'm watching the track cycling.)

I've also been busy baking lots of cakes and goodies for the Year 1 cake stall at the school fete tomorrow..oops, it's today now. 

xx Susan