Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A candle lit...

For 'Dad' Frankland (Brian) 

who passed away today.

It's been over 15 years since I have seen him but he's been in my thoughts many times since then.

'Dad' was a Yorkshireman and our families have been connected for well over 30 years when his daughter and my sister became penpals.  (Well before the internet when writing a letter was the way to keep in touch.)

My sister Sandra has been to England 4 or 5 times now and has ALWAYS visited and stayed with her English family while she was there.

I travelled there with her in my early 20's and was fortunate enough to spend time and get to know these people that had always been apart of my life for as long as I could remember.

This was the only photo I could find of 'Dad' which was taken with me just before my 24th birthday.

You will be missed.

xx Susan

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekend antics

During the week hubby and I went for a drive while the kids were at school.  There was no destination in mind, just a bit of exploring that took us through nearby national park and through areas we haven't been to in awhile.  We LOVED it and not only because we took the time to spend time doing something we like together.

We also realised that it's been awhile since we've been on a family picnic so we decided that Saturday was the day for an outing.  My brother and his boys were along for the day too so it ended up being a lovely outing (and noisy).

When we first left home there was a shower of rain before we even got to the Peachester range but the weather didn't look threatening.  As much as I love rain, I'm not fond of it when we're going up and down dirt tracks on mountain ranges.

There was a couple of ranges with very windy roads on our way to our destination, the Peachester range and the Bellthorpe range.  Thank goodness for motion sickness wrist bands which we now have a few of for Little Miss R.  My petal only got queasy a couple of times on the trip and really enjoyed herself.  This girl gets car sick on a straight, flat road so the wrist bands are definately the way to go.

After the Deer farm which excited the kidlettes no end, it was into the National forest and onto the dirt tracks.  They began as fantastically smooth, well graded roads.

We stopped for morning tea at the Old Brandon Mill site which we thought would be great for the kids.

We explained some of the old machinery to them and the workings of a saw mill.

The were impressed briefly with it all and the fact that they have great-grandparents on both sides of the family who had bullock teams for hauling timber.

As with most kids though, climbing on things proved more popular than the educational side of things.

It didn't matter whether it was the dog crate on the back of the ute...

...or the crane pivot which proved the perfect place to pose.

After our snack stop it was time to head further into the forest.  The roads became much more narrow and bumpy.  I have plenty of photos where the trees are right next to the car and you're driving through a very narrow corridor along steep hillsides but they're a bit too blurry.  It got slightly bumpy!

The kids loved driving through the creeks of course.

We ended up at Charlie Moorlands near Kenilworth for lunch.  It's much drier there now than when the kidlettes and I camped there last year but at least the walking tracks are open again after the flooding from last year.

After lunch hubby and my brother took the kids for a walk while I cleared the picnic things up.  I then followed on for a little while before realising I wasn't going to catch them up so I backtracked along the path and found a quiet spot to sit and wait.  It was lovely.

We were all pretty knackered when we got home but it was such a lovely day.  Hubby's home for a full weekend next weekend so we'll look at going somewhere different then.  

xx Susan

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Snap happy

I grabbed my small camera before to take a few photos and noticed that sometime in the last few days a couple of little cherubs decided to take a few snaps themselves.

There were A LOT of photos of the walls and the lounge but in between there were a few others.

Not sure what happened here!

xx Susan

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The week that was

Working on a new project...until a slight problem with the machine put all things on hold. I now have to wait a couple of weeks until my sewing machine is fixed before I can finish the multitudes of projects beginning to line up.

While waiting for my sewing machine to be fixed I'm working on a few smaller projects from recycled jeans.  Lots of fun!  

Last weeks' knit and natter with an industrious scrub turkey working away diligently beside us. 

I've mentioned before that Mary Cairncross is where my sister got married and the scrub turkey reminded me of an incident when in the middle of the ceremony one of them jumped up onto a table and sent the glasses flying!  Nothing says 'I do' like a heap of shattering glass....

Walking back to the car we spied these amazing purple berries/nuts/seeds.  Being completely botanically inapt I have no idea what they are and didn't give them a second though once we left.  They are a pretty spectacular colour though.

A special gift just for me (from myself no less)...

Although the end results were enjoyed by the rest of the family.

Daddy was home for the weekend so we had a slight problem.  I used to have two beaters on my hand held mixer.  Now I have one.  That means one beater and one bowl.  I have two children so guess who missed out.  (The kidlettes have taken on problem solving to work out how they can share with Daddy).

Problem solved:   I am only allowed to bake when Daddy is away at work.

Master M was very quiet which sends off alarm bells.

Cutting a box from the inside out is NOT  a good idea.  Yes he did cut himself but it was only the tiniest cut.  Anyone who knows my boy though will know how he doesn't cope with seeing his own blood very well, even it is the smallest amount.  He survived and I got my kitchen back to cook dinner.

Since I can't sew right now I've got a couple of other projects on the go.

It's more to do with tidying up than anything creative though.  I hope to show you more soon.

That's just a few things that have been going on around here this last week.  

It's Knit and natter again tomorrow although I really think we should find another name for it.  There's LOTS of nattering but rarely any knitting.  I crochet or sew.  My sister usually sketches or does something arty and on the rare occasion crochets. 

Knit and natter just flies off the tongue though but I'm sure we can come up with some other name which suits us and our varied talents a bit better.

xx Susan